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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - How You Want It Lyrics
Got me acting all type of ways, make you think shit that it don't seem I got hoes screamin' my name wherever I'm steppin' on the scene I just hope I'm who you want 'cause I want you on side of me (Lil Top, ayy, ayy, YoungBoy) Tell me how you want it, baby (Tell me how you want it, baby) I said tell me how you feel (I said tell me how you feel)

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - All I Want Lyrics
Gang gang gang shit, that's all we know All we want is money man, fuck these hoes Running up that sack, shit that's how that goes Lil nigga you can go, you better play your role Fuck the industry, won't let 'em take me under Take care of my family, all I ever wanted Stack up my money, all I ever wanted

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Self Control Lyrics
And we ain't come here for to lose, we want it all Whole lot of racks on these VV's I'm so slime, on this Glock, got a green beam Got a whole lot of people that need me Bust your head all over the right thing I ain't got nothin' but a dub and a Black Card up inside my Ami' jeans I just want head, can't fuck in a bed, it's just some things don't ...

All these diamonds got me lit, they loud, I think they arguing Yea I got a big gun, chopper got a big drum The Benz I got like Redd Foxx, I promise it's the big one I'm really out here in the game, you niggas keep the bench warm So I can't trust no bitch 'cause I lost a lot of money, I lost friends, but all I want is the money back

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - All I Need Lyrics
But throught it all you who I want daily always on my thoughts I say I can treat you right but you wanna salt me down I can't sleep at night don't know how these demons found me But I'm just tryna manifest I'm tryna find some peace I say just take my money, my kids and you that's all I need That's all I need I'm gone achieve

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - ALL IN Lyrics
Ain't no tellin' when I'ma have to use it, we all know how I live Keepin' my gun everywhere I go, we all know I'm still here Question my girl but love her strong, we all know how that is Prayin' for my daddy to come home, pray he get an appeal Hope he come take me away, keep me from off of these pills

NBA YoungBoy - Give You My All Lyrics
My all alone that I'm headed in Other night I was cryin, but I'm so slime You wouldn't know how to handle it You the one that I want I ain't faking it You don't know what these hoes den done to me (yeah) Girl, I need ya, I want chu, come on, don't be scared Imma learn to treat chu right On my own, all alone, I been blind and mislead

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Slime Belief Lyrics
And it's all gon' be alright, yeah When that wrong choice take your life, yeah Gucci pressure be on top of that Nike print From them rich niggas kickin' yo’ back door And they should give a Rollie to niggas who want it Who don’t know a thing but trap, though Blue faces, I put that over nat hoes The shit that we sellin' will make you relapse ...

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - I Shot Qupid Lyrics
Your love, don't want go back there The street niggas, you do not play fair And no, I don't want to play truth or dare You be causin' me to leave, when my love stuck right there You only got me feelin' useless, got me just sittin' and clueless I made a mistake last night, and shot Qupid I shot Qupid (Oh, oh) He was bringin' me the wrong love

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty Stick Lyrics
Want you for to mouth off, I'm gon' let it spark then I pull up with the top down with a thirty stick And some shit to distribute White or blue, cotton too Demon baby inside that coupe Masked down, tryna step on you I want it all, that penny too Bitch, move, I'm put this stick on you That bitch get extra extensions too Lowdown and dirty only ...

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - No Mentions Lyrics
Ran it up, all by myself though, now they never gon' stop me And I see they say I flop though (yeah, yeah) In my head I know what I know Oh, and I said I count fifties, all in hundreds, that's that time flow baby I say stop it, no comparisons on that time now baby And, oh yeah, I cannot keep it off my mind Now, oh yeah, they cannot seem to keep ...

NBA YoungBoy - Live Lyrics
Grandma died, now the love all gone You better think to it before your life get burned Pour more, I got the endin' 'Cause she controlled half of the beginnin' Yeah, I wan' win it, no, I ain't finished She wanna jeopardize my whole way of livin' Shawty fire, please don't let my whole life burn down Infiltratin', tryna sabotage, no love, I want ...

Youngboy Never Broke Again - Unchartered Love Lyrics
You see me (See me) ridin' all alone (Alone) Baby (Baby), come see (Come see) The good in me 'cause they won't accept me and I feel I'm scarred for my wrongs Or maybe it's just I'm too thug for all this shit I lost my thugs behind this shit I'm thanking God for blessing me from above with all this shit

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Change Lyrics
They say I wanna go to jail cause I won't do what they say. No I won't never take her name off my face. I'm so deep in your love that my mind in a Wraith. They gone clown me, try to down me. And they probably tryna send me back to where they found me. I don't want to pay for love, I don't want them 'round me.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Gangsta Fever Lyrics
On the road somewhere all alone But my mind and my head, it ain't there, baby Off the pills, I just need to relax, baby Insecure about myself, oh I just want to know why I can't Seem to cure your lo-ove Real gangster in disguise (They wonder why, slime) I, oh, oh, oh Think I'm better off by myself Think I'm gettin' the gangster fever

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - My Killa Lyrics
I ain't taking these bitches all over across the world with me She just wanted her perc that P-E-R-C and I'm giving her three Imma take her ass down, I ain't tossing back down, I ain't paying no fee Want it for to go down, shoot a whole hundred rounds if a nigga want beef Yeah, shoot that blicky, take one off

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - No Love Lyrics
I just want money and some drugs (some drugs) I'm turned up in the club (club), blow through the ceiling with my thugs (bitch) They know I don't give a fuck (wow) Plus I'm strapped up, who wanna play with me You know them killers stay with me We screaming all this first degree I come up banging in them streets I'm here and I won't never leave

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Kick It Lyrics
We can go all night got too many bitches I ain't worried 'bout that, probably stressed 'bout business Got my gun on sight in a Benihana kitchen I don't even eat this, Ben came here fishin' From the Nawf to my house with a pool, he living On the Dro all night, she gon' stand up limpin' See my drink, I ain't leavin' I'ma still keep sippin'

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Pick from Pain Lyrics
All his money talk, too much mouthin' out my pants I just want them bundles of blue hunnids in my pants Got my Glock out, nigga, like Who want it? Fuck who makin' more money Run it up, but it ain't help nothin', no If I ain't with my brothers then I'm all on my own I was runnin' from the pain and I'm the one who they chose

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Location Lyrics
Aye, aye, Youngboy Slime Slime This is the sound I felt like I can do it all, so I ain't want no help I always thought that I can fall, I was scared of myself I never trusted none of y'all 'cause I was worried 'bout death So many people not around who said they stay, but they left I keep my bible on my right and keep my Glock on my left

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