Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (2023)

From the angel wings and silky, lacy lingerie, Victorias Secret luxurious expansion beyond apparel to fragrances of berries and blossoms in the 1990s was impressively grand. The allure of their popular scents made it to the top-selling fragrances in the U.S. in no time with its best-seller sold over three million bottles in the year 2018.

Rightly so, because the best Victoria Secret perfumes are undeniably feminine and vanity-sexy with their strong sillage. Basically, the affordable luxury that appeals to women of all ages. From its colossal collection of intoxicating fragrances, here’s a quick rundown review of the best Victoria Secret’s perfumes for teenagers and adults alike.

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes 2022

Choosing one perfume from a box of 300 perfumes demands quite a load of struggling effort. Ahead, I have listed the best Victoria Secret Perfumes 2022 to make it less of a chore for you. Now, you can quit sniffing around the store to find a fragrance that entices your playful fantasy, instead, pick yours from here.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (1)

Bombshell Eau de Parfum

Bombshell is the timeless, most popular Victoria Secret’s perfume that will leave a fruity aromatic floral scent you will love. The strong and concentrated scent with a perfect blend of Brazillian purple passion fruit and Madagascar vanilla orchid along with Shangri-la peony and Italian pine will draw attention from an impressive distance.

Not to mention the hints of strawberry are sure to leave a unique pleasant scent. Profoundly known as the ‘LBD of fragrance’, this classic scent is the most popular, best Victoria Secret perfume that sold over three million bottles in 2018(1).

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (2)

Price: $55

It is certainly no surprise that this signature perfume is loved by young girls and women alike as it comes with no limits on ages and for not being overpowering like many others we know of. And better yet, you can spray this statement perfume at any time of the day to any crowd you go!

However, as opposed to what the brand promises, Victoria Secret’s perfume ‘Bombshell’ doesn’t stay for long and requires constant reapplication. If you don’t mind that, you must keep this in your shopping cart for all seasons! It comes in the iconic pink striped bag which looks absolutely pretty.

Bombshell Intense Eau de Parfum

Inspired by the perfect red, this provocative sister of Bombshell is dominated by lush cherry, velvety red peony, and sultry vanilla. Bombshell Intense, launched in 2019, is an early fall or spring scent with the classic floral vanilla hint that is not heavy either.

The fuse of decidedly floral scents embodies all the color implies as promised by the brand. The decadent note of lush cherry with a creamy and bright touch blends and creates almost almond-like creaminess with a sock of maraschino cherry.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (3)

Price: $78

Meanwhile, the velvety red peony will leave a boldly crimson and deeply intense petal floral scent as it is infused for a rich, saturated take on Bombshell’s signature floral scent. Along with these two feminine blends, there is a stir of sultry vanilla hint, sourced from Madagascar, that wraps the fragrance in the warm gourmand glow with a rich and sensual gleam.

This sister of Victoria Secret’s hero fragrance will undoubtedly leave a trail of subtle pleasure to your senses, which is a chypre fruity floral scent. Cash this out of your wishlist and get hooked with the first try!

Heavenly Eau de Parfum

Described by the brand itself as ‘an angel favorite’, Victoria Secret’s Heavenly is another top seller well known for its dominance in the warm fragrance family. If you want to go for a sweet fragrance that is free from fruity scent, this oriental fragrance is for you.

The seamless blend of white musk, peony, sandalwood, vanilla, lotus, and white peony with a note of freesia is the perfect mix of class and elegance created for a unique profile. It is indeed a heavenly treat to your senses (and whoever is around you).

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (4)

Price: $55

Besides the sole drawback of being a matured scent that is better suited for women rather than teenagers, Heavenly perfume with its intrinsic scent leaves you feeling like being in a bubble bath. It is great for all year, but perfect for summer as the warm perfume sways more to the category of beachy and breezy.

With the longevity of 4 to 5 hours, it is suited better for daytime and warmer temperature. Also, it is important to mention that the distinctive smell of strong, slightly overpowered vanilla might not be everyone’s cup of coffee. Heavenly Eau de Parfum is available in other products as well — body mist and lotion.

Love Spell Eau de Toilette

One of the most popular editions in Victoria Secret’s line of fragrance mist. From the Secret Garden Collection, Love Spell is ideal for anyone who senses the traditional perfumes are slightly overwhelming to use every day.

Unfortunately, as the concentration is not as intense as the conventional perfumes, the longevity will be relatively less. But for a body mist, it sticks impressively longer. Its profile includes predominant notes of white jasmine, cherry blossom, and peach with hints of aloe vera and chamomile as the base note.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (5)

Price: $29.99

The vibrant mist will leave you with an ethereally floral and partly fruity scent, meaning a perfect fragrance mist for a summer day, beach vacation, or a country concert. An amazing plus point of Love Spell is the versatile, anti-spill packaging it comes in, which makes it perfect for traveling.

The affordable price tag is another plus point making it the best Victoria Secret body mist for teenagers with only one drawback(2). This fruity assortment of VS’s collection with mild yet refreshing fragrance is only available as Eau de Toilette, mist, and body lotion.

Tease Eau de Parfum

Tease is classified as the top-selling, best warm gourmand fragrance of Victoria Secret. Designed as the consummate flirt and notably famed as the art of seduction, it comes with a fruity and juicy scent with a distinctive whiff of musk — a rousing revamp from VS’s usual floral scent.

The striking notes of gardenia petals spiked with black vanilla, frozen pear with a touch of sandalwood and a sultry finish with warm gourmand is what makes the aroma uniquely exquisite. As we don’t see many perfumes with pear, this one brought along quite a buzz, especially as it was boudoir-inspired.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (6)

Price: $45

Not to mention how the packaging makes you fall in love at first glance. As the name itself suggests along with the boudoir inspiration, the hot pink atomizer paired with a lace fishnet packaging on the bottle is a true design of seduction.

However, as it has terrible longevity (even as a highly concentrated Eau de Parfum), you cannot expect for it to last throughout the day. Instead, you can only use it for dinner with girls or flirty date night, because it is also the tease you could put to use. Another drawback is that VS’s Tease is not suitable for all age groups.

Victoria’s Secret Perfume:Very Sexy Eau de Parfum

Very Sexy is a pure luxe, versatile scent that smells different on every woman. Could this perfume get any more unique? Not to mention, despite the number of years that have passed since its launch, Very Sexy is still popular in the limelight among the women crown to this day and still hasn’t been taken off the shelves.

While the sultry mixture of wild blackberry, sun-drenched clementine, vanilla orchid, and pepper dominate the fragrance, you will also be able to get a whiff of caramelly amber and cappuccino. Also, the warm white amber adds a creamy musk to the floral notes. What an incredibly intoxicating smell will that be! It is irresistible to the point that it is no wonder why Very Sexy is extremely popular among the user and one of the best Victoria Secret perfumes original.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (7)

Price: $55

The strong ‘spicy’ aroma Very Sexy gives away, which normally stands out for confident and bold, can sure add sensual depth that will certainly emit an edgy hint of sexiness. Although it is highly concentrated and the smell can overthrow a bit, Very Sexy’s users appreciate the longevity of impressive hours.

You can wear this for 5 to six hours straight without fretting over reapplying, especially during winter and fall. You can get spicy and sensual in a bottle with only $55!

Crush Eau de Parfum

Crush is the best sweet smelling Victoria Secret’s perfume(3) owing to its mix of fresh floral scent with citrus as the base note. Inspired by attractive lace lingerie, this is another of Victoria Secret’s perfumes for teenagers with the cutest packaging of modern femininity. The odd blend of floral with spice gives a youthful odor that is pleasant on the skin as well.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (8)

Price: $24.99

With notes of pink peppercorn, specific hybrid treasure peony, and Ashok flower — which contributes to the fruity note to the whole composition, Crush is the perfect summer go-to perfume that leaves a trail of warm and sweet scent. One reassuring boon is, thankfully, the sweetness is not at all overpowering.

As it is a seasonal perfume, it is highly recommended for warmer sunny days. If you are a youngster and the seasonality is not a concern you have while shopping for perfumes (though, not if you are living in colder areas), Victoria Secret’s Crush is yours to use!

So In Love Eau de Parfum

So In Love is a remarkably popular edition from the array of floral fragrance in the Victoria Secret family that is indeed hard to reach. Being the winner of the FiFi Award for Fragrance of the Year (Women’s Private Label/Direct Sell) in the year 2006, ‘So In Love’ is back in the market by popular customer demand.

It is a timeless perfume for the apparent floral bliss it diffuses with just one use. Without attacking the senses of the wearer and the one who gets a whiff, its sweet floral aroma is not too sweet so you will be saved from getting your eyes pricked.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (9)

Price: $29.98

The entry of VS into the wrap of roses was truly sensual. Because So In Love has featured notes of honey, carnation, jasmine, cognac, hedione, musk, ylang-ylang, violet leaf, oriental rose, may rose, and Moroccan rose. With that being said, one can only imagine what an eminent combination of layered fragrance will be.

Although it gives a deeply musky smell at first, it will soften over time into a powdery honeyish scent combined with a tint of peppery heat and smell like something else altogether. Rightfully applauded by couples, in particular, for its ardent essence for romance, this fragrance is exceptionally admirable even after years of its launch. You can have your timeless appeal of sheer floral bless and bliss in a long pink sublime bottle and you are going to be ‘so in love.’

Wicked Eau de Parfum

To break from the all too familiar floral tradition, Victoria Secret came up with Wicked Eau de Parfum to create a complex blend of edgy twirl, in contrast to the original Crush fragrance. Victoria Secret’s Wicked for women possesses a perfect blend of freesia, black sugar, and Tahitian vanilla that smell almost edible. The dry down smell that lingers with moderate sillage is delicate.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (10)

Price: $64.89

Although sweet, it is neither too floral nor too fruity which makes it stand out from the rest of VS’s perfumes that predominantly emphasize floral and fruity essence. One of the plus points every user of Wicked praises is the longevity of the unique scent with the right amount of floral yet the warmth of vanilla cannot be missed.

The only bane is that the sweetness of the perfume is reviewed to be occasionally overpowering for some ladies. But, not everyone, so you might as well give this pretty perfume a try before writing it off!

First Love Fragrance Lotion

First Love fragrance lotion is the best Victoria Secret’s body lotion in the fresh floral family. The new ‘power couple’ the brand itself has addressed is mist plus lotion to give you a long-lasting scent and strong sillage. Its delicately fresh blend of violet leaf, lily of the valley, and sheer musk are sure to linger a distinctively innocent and mellow yet slightly sensual scent.

Even better, the body lotion is skin-nourishing and has an impressive quality of absorbing quickly into your skin. Smoother your skin with this fragrant body lotion and you will have a hard time stopping yourself from smelling your body.

Best Seller Victoria Secret Perfume 2022- Pick Yours From The List! (11)

Price: $25

Each one of these from the list of the Victoria Secret perfume best seller 2022 is dissolved with feminine elation and wheel of scent from enduring floral to soothing musky. You can pick your best choice from our recommended list and you are going to leave a lingering trail of intoxicating fragrance making your suburban fantasy come true, which is exactly the way you lead, woman!

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