15 Most Common Dreams About Swimming & What They Mean (2023)

Swimming in a dream is an incredibly symbolic activity. The way we swim, the depth of the water, and its color indicate essential information about the subconscious emotions experienced by the dreamer. Moreover, if you remember the place where you swam (ocean, pond, lake, pool), you will achieve an even more accurate interpretation.

Water symbolizes emotions, intuition, your deeper self, and the subconscious mind in dreams. Swimming, on the other hand, represents direction, responsibilities, effort, encouragement, or attention.

So, what does it mean to dream about swimming? Let’s take a look at the 15 most common dream scenarios and their meanings.


Dream about swimming nakedDream about swimming in a dirty waterDream about swimming in clear blue waterDream about swimming with someoneDream about swimming fastDream about drowningDream about swimming in a poolDream about divingDream about swimming in a lakeDream about swimming underwaterDream about swimming in an oceanDream about swimming in a pondDream about swimming with whalesDream about swimming in deep waterDream about swimming with sharks

15 Most Common Dreams About Swimming & What They Mean (1)

Dream about swimming naked

Summary: High self-esteem. Respect. Popularity.

A dream about swimming naked is a very positive sign. Swimming naked in dreams means high self-esteem or respect that you will soon acquire. You can also gain popularity in a new company or workplace or strengthen relationships with your friends and acquaintances. You feel confident, or you are becoming more confident. Nakedness in dreams is all about confidence and fearlessness.

Dream about swimming in a dirty water

Summary: Obstacles. Difficult situations.

A dream about swimming in dirty water means obstacles, uncertainty, bad habits, and deteriorating health. This type of dream is a bad omen since dirty water heralds vague situations in our lives and bad energy, resulting in sudden stress, illness, or loneliness.

Since water symbolizes emotions, these dreams usually signify difficult situations, such as a breakup, divorce, humiliation, or some disease in your family.

Dream about swimming in clear blue water

Summary: Pure intentions. Success.

A dream about swimming in clear blue water reflects the good physical condition of your body, happiness, and personal and professional success. You’re heading in the right direction; you have control over your life and think positive thoughts that create the reality you want.

This dream also often means that you have gotten rid of (cleared yourself of something.) For example, you have paid off a loan or cleared your name after some criminal activity. Perhaps something happened in the life that made you feel like you were reborn.

Dream about swimming with someone

Summary: Suppressed fantasies. Distrust. Relationship problems.

A dream about swimming with someone reflects your relationship with that particular person. If it is your partner and you are swimming in dirty water, there may be some problems, either cheating, lack of trust, or other issues that disrupt your relationship. If you dream of swimming with your friends, they are there for you and will help you if needed. All you have to do is ask.

The dream of swimming with your crush or someone you secretly love means suppressed intimate fantasies.

Dream about swimming fast

Summary: Your dreams will come true.

A dream about swimming fast promises the accomplishment of your goals and desires. Swimming fast means you know what you want to achieve and are capable of doing anything to achieve it. This dream indicates a feeling of movement or progress in your life (unless you swim fast away from danger.)

If you’re swimming competitively, it may indicate that you will achieve something tremendous that you never expected or believed to achieve.

Dream about drowning

Summary: Emotional instability. Fears that are “eating you” alive.

15 Most Common Dreams About Swimming & What They Mean (2)

Dreams about drowning mean the literal drowning in your problems or negative thoughts. You may not know how to get out of that situation or who to ask for help, and you feel helpless, if not depressed.

Something is likely “eating you alive,” as the saying goes. It could be your negative thoughts and doubts, toxic people around you, debts, or something dangerous you can’t stop doing.

Dream about swimming in a pool

Summary: Lack of freedom. Restrictions.

A dream about swimming in the pool is associated with limitations, sometimes even the frustration we experience because of the lack of freedom. There’s something in your waking life that restricts you. If it’s not a person, it can be your thoughts, lack of money, or perhaps a limiting belief system that you have carried in you since your childhood.

Dreaming about a swimming pool could also indicate your limited thinking or fear of the unknown. Instead of going for a swim in the ocean and discovering new places, you’re swimming in the pool, where you see the beginning and the end or the floor and where you feel safe.

Dream about diving

Summary: It’s time to look deep inside. Mental abilities. Dive into the unknown.

A dream about diving means you are ready to dive into the unknown and explore hidden aspects of yourself that you have been ignoring for far too long. It can be, for example, your fantasies or desires. Some people with unique abilities, such as seeing the auras of others or spiritual healing, dream of diving because their subconscious tells them it’s time to look deep into their souls and start working with their gifts.

Dream about swimming in a lake

Summary: Connecting with your soul. Peace and tranquility.

Lakes are generally peaceful and relaxing, so the dream about swimming in a lake means that you are emotionally in a good place. Spiritually, lakes symbolize our soul and the afterlife, so swimming in a lake may signify that you are connecting with your soul or finally finding peace and tranquility in your soul. Seeing yourself swimming in a lake in a dream could be a sign of spiritual awakening.

Dream about swimming underwater

Summary: Looking for an escape. Feeling suffocated.

Dreaming about swimming underwater represents your feelings of being suffocated in a relationship or situation and looking for an escape. The water in your dream is an image of deep emotions that you can’t express in real life. Perhaps you feel emotionally flooded or like your emotions are going out of control.

Dream about swimming in an ocean

Summary: Freedom. Abundance. Expansiveness. Spiritual awakening.

15 Most Common Dreams About Swimming & What They Mean (3)

A dream about swimming in an ocean means freedom, expansiveness, abundance, and stepping into the unknown (getting out of your comfort zone.) The ocean is a vast body of water compared to a lake or pond, which signifies tremendous depth and immense potential. It can be new big goals, a desire to travel the world and try new things, or improve yourself as a person.

If you feel good and safe and do not see any threats in your dream (waves, wind, sharks, snakes), you may soon experience great success or a spiritual awakening or suddenly do something spontaneous.

A dream of swimming in the ocean is also common in people who have gotten rid of something that burdened their lives.

Dream about swimming in a pond

Summary: Worrying about what others think of you. Gossip.

A dream about swimming in a pond means that you are feeling weighed down by something or someone. A pond is not as deep as a lake, sea, or ocean, which could indicate that you are troubled by some visible problems (what others see), such as your appearance or lifestyle. Moreover, the water in the pond is usually not as clean as in the sea or ocean, so it could indicate that someone may be talking about you behind your back or spreading false claims about you.

Dream about swimming with whales

Summary: Strength. The need to connect with something greater than yourself.

A dream about swimming with whales is an incredibly positive sign. A whale symbolizes strength, stability, peace, and healing. In dreams, swimming with a whale indicates the need to connect with something greater than yourself. It can either be a sign of spiritual awakening or a desire to achieve something great.

Dream about swimming in deep water

Summary: You’re out of your element. Make yourself your priority.

A dream about swimming in deep water indicates that you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of your element. Maybe you have so many responsibilities, and all you wish you could do is to get away from civilization and clear your mind.

This dream means that you are probably just working and don’t have time to take a deep breath and relax.

Dream about swimming with sharks

Summary: You’re feeling vulnerable or anxious. You’re pushed beyond your limits.

15 Most Common Dreams About Swimming & What They Mean (4)

Dreaming about swimming with sharks suggests that you are feeling threatened, defensive, or overwhelmed by someone or something in your life. These dreams may reflect feelings of vulnerability, fear, or anxiety. Swimming with sharks in your dream can also signify that you are being pushed beyond your limits or taking on more than you can manage or carry on your shoulders.

Bottom Line

Dreams can reveal hidden thoughts and feelings, as well as unspoken worries. If you often dream about swimming, it may be an expression of your desires or fears, a response to recent events that happened in your life, or a reflection of some universal symbolism.

Remember that water in dreams represents your emotions and your deeper self, so the state of the water, color, people, or animals in it will help you figure out the meaning of your dream.

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