12 Hour Certified Legal Document Translation Services, Spanish to English (2023)

Certified Legal Document Translation Services, Since 2007, Never Outsourced, No Computer Translation

We provide official, certified, legal document translations in 8-12 hours, in most cases, from Spanish to English (also from English to Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian). Our legal translations are valid in all courts: federal, state and local. Our certified Spanish translation services and legal translation services are never outsourced or completed by computer generated programs. Our team of well-educated, professional, certified translators are trained linguists who specialize in Spanish to English translation, and each of us has a minimum of ten years of professional, legal translation experience. We are able to translate legal documents from Spanish to English, English to Spanish, French to English, and Portuguese to English only as we do not outsource to third-party translation providers. All of our Spanish legal document translation services and certified legal translation services are fully guaranteed to be accepted in federal, state and local courts. We are able to transcribe audio from Spanish to English as well, which is then translated to English and certified for use in all legal proceedings.

Please send your documents for an official quote for certified Spanish translation services and certified legal translation services. Most quotes provided in an hour or less.


877.374.0095 (office), 877.376.2085 (cell), 877.470.1177 (fax)

12 Hour Turnaround: Submit by 8PM, Receive by 8AM, Guaranteed Overnight Delivery

Since 2007, our certified legal translation service has translated thousands of documents for federal, state and local courts. We have a team of certified translators who specialize in legal document translation and work late hours. In most cases, we can translate legal documents from Spanish to English (also from Portuguese, French and Italian) in 12 to 24 hours. Documents submitted before 8PM will be completed and returned by 8AM (Eastern Time), unless faster service is required.

Each project is completed by two professional translators, we guarantee all of our work, and we never outsource or use automated translation programs.

Written Quotes Provided in One Hour, No Hidden Fees, Notarization or Certification

Most translators provide estimates in advance and bill based on the total word-count. We prefer to provide the final cost in advance for our legal translation fees. Our legal translation rates are based on the total number of words, not the total number of pages, and we always provide the exact total in advance.

Please send your documents for an official quote for certified legal translation services. Most quotes provided in twenty minutes.


877.374.0095 (office), 877.376.2085 (cell), 877.470.1177 (fax)

Southeast Spanish is One of the Highest Rated Legal Translation Agencies in the Nation

(Ratings based on Agencies with 100+ Reviews on Google)

Reason 1: Cost, Average Rate of $0.10 Per Word. We translate in-house and never outsource, which keeps our fee to around $0.09 to $0.11 per word. The national average cost to translate legal documents for attorneys from Spanish to English is around $0.16 per word as many agencies simply contract third-party translation providers for around $0.10 or less per word and pass the additional cost on to the end customer.

Reason 2: Turn-Around Time, 12 Hours on Average. After years of suggestions, we now complete most certified document translation services in the evening and throughout night in order to accommodate expedited and emergency requests. As long as we receive the source document by the end of the day, we can have it ready by the next morning, unless the document has over fifty pages.

Reason 3: Our People, Professional, Certified Translators. Our team consists of experts who specialize in legal document translation. All of our accredited translators have college degrees from US institutions, have professional training in translation, and have many years of experience. Simply speaking two languages does not qualify one to translate legal documents or as someone qualified to perform certified Spanish translation services.

Reason 4:Native-Sounding Finished Product. We always collaborate as a team when translating legal documents in order to guarantee an accurate finished product that is valid in immigration court, family court, general sessions court, and all other federal, state and local courts. When translating legal documents from Spanish to English, the accredited translator is always a native speaker of the target language, not the source language.

Reason 5: Communication. When you call or email, you will speak with either Dan or Nikki, both of whom will be able to help with your project. We do not use answering services, so when you call, a knowledgeable person will be able to help, always. Additionally, a cell phone number will be provided for 24/7 access, when and if needed.

Reason 6: Certification. Simply having a translated version of a document is not always sufficient legally. For that reason, we are able to provide an official certification letter, also known as a translator’s affidavit. This document provides evidence that your translation has been translated and edited by a professional translator; it is valid in federal, state and local courts. We are able to provide a notarized translation if and when necessary.

Reason 7: Privacy. We do not share any information with outside parties in any case. We will sign your non-disclosure agreement, or we can provide our standard NDA

Comparison Questions for Quotes for Certified Legal Translation Services or Certified Spanish Translation Services

When requesting a quote for certified legal translation services, in order to obtain an accurate comparison, the following questions and answers are important. We have provided answers based on our services.

  • Will my translation be completed domestically or outsourced internationally? We never outsource.
  • What are the translator’s credentials? All certified translators are professionally trained with college degrees in related fields.
  • Are fees for legal translation of documents provided in advance? Yes, our translation quotes included the total cost in advance.
  • Am I able to speak directly to the translator? Always, we have certified translators available seven days per week.
  • How many accredited translators will work on my project? We always have at least two certified translators on each project.
  • Are the translators native speakers of English or Spanish? A certified translator who is a native speaker of the target language is always the lead, main translator.
  • Are all translators employees of the company? Yes, we do not use translation providers or outsourcing agencies to complete translation projects or legal translation of documents.
  • Are you able totranslate legal documents from English to Spanish for my local court, that is, the local district court? Yes, in some cases, clients need documents translated from English to Spanish.
  • Is the translation certified, notarized or an official translation? All three, we adapt our certification as needed. Our certified Spanish translation services (and other languages) are adapted as needed for the requesting party.
  • If so, is a certification letter provided? Yes, and all pages are stamp/sealed and signed, as required by most courts.
  • Is the translation agency insured in the United States? Yes, we carry professional liability insurance. In 2020, less than 15% of US-based translators were properly insured.

Ready to Start Your Spanish Legal Translation of Documents? Call or Email for a Quote.


877.374.0095 (office)877.376.2085 (cell), 877.470.1177 (fax)

View Our Current Translation Rates for Certified Document Translation Services

Certified Legal Translation Services for Corporate Materials from English to Spanish

Recent Testimonials from Attorneys, Paralegals, Legal Assistants and Clients

“Amazing turn-around time and excellent customer service. I called all around the greater Boston area, and most translators were just answering services or worse, but Dan at SE Spanish always answers and is very knowledgeable. I have already recommend his services to several other immigration attorneys.” Andrea L., Lawrence, MA

“Half the price of other quotes and twice as fast. Needed to translate legal documents, a power of attorney from Spanish to English quickly and accurately, and Southeast Spanish did just that. I have told other immigration lawyers to use Southeast Spanish!” Richard W., Boca Raton, FL

“Needed a court document translation quickly, made a few calls and searches around Milwaukee, and found that only Southeast Spanish was able to provide certified court document translation urgently. Others needed a week or more and quoted much higher rates. SE Spanish is a win-win: great service and turnaround and even better pricing. Very professional certified legal translation services!” Cody D., Milwaukee, WI

“I like that I can see all legal translation fees online. Other legal translation services in Jacksonville only provide a translation estimate in advance. Southeast Spanish has a dedicated page listing most of their legal translation fees.” Katie N., Jacksonville, FL

“My law from needed to translate documents from Spanish to English for a few asylum cases in the past year. I found that many agencies are willing to translate documents from Spanish to English, but most seem to outsource and translate electronically, which does not work in court. I need the translator to be available in case of a deposition, so I am glad that I found Dan and his team.”

“Searched for legal translation Spanish to English and found dozens of companies who clearly planed to outsource my documents and get them done in weeks. Southeast Spanish got them done in hours! If you need legal translation Spanish to English, Dan is the Spanish translator for the job!” Janet B., Austin, TX

“Needed 100+ pages transcribed into English from Spanish in only a few days, looked all around for legal translation near me, and I am glad to find Dan. If you’re translating legal documents from Spanish to English, Dan will get them done quickly!” Julie C., Portland, OR

“Dan tradujo diez páginas de documentos legales de Venezuela en solo un día.” Orlando P, Fontainebleau, FL

Southeast Spanish translated more than twenty pages of asylum evidence from Venezuela in less than 24 hours (as part of a USCIS request for additional evidence). The finished product was excellent and accepted.” Edgar A., Doral, FL

“Used many translator for legal contract translations in the past as we have a lot of certified legal translation services, none have been as professional and prompt as Southeast Spanish. I wish I had found them years ago.” Marie B., Hoboken, NJ

“Searched online to translate legal documents from Spanish to English near me and a lot of companies populated who did not even answer the phone or call me back in 24 hours. Southeast Spanish had the document ready before others offering to translate legal documents from Spanish to English near me even called me back!” Alicia G., Santa Ana, CA

“California courts have a lot of regulations, and the translations completed by Dan and his team were accepted on the first attempt. The Superior Court of California in the County of Los Angeles has specific rules, and after asking several translators if they would follow these rules, I trusted Dan to get it done, and he did.” Kris A., Los Angeles, CA.

“Submitted a pile of scanned documents around 5PM, Dan worked up a quote in about 30 minutes, I agreed to the rate, and when I came in the next morning, I had stamped, signed, certified documents ready in my inbox. We have never had Spanish legal translation services like this before!” Coleen R., Weston, FL

“Truly a pleasure to work with. Searched for legal translation English to Spanish and a lot of companies came up. I went with Dan and he translated all of my client’s documents in less than one day, and we used them in court without issues.” Saundra A., Houston, TX

Please send your documents for an official quote for certified legal translation services. Most quotes provided in twenty minutes.


877.374.0095 (office), 877.376.2085 (cell), 877.470.1177 (fax)

We Translate Legal Documents from Spanish to English, such as the following examples:

Affidavit Translation: We are able to translate affidavits from Spanish to English before or after signing. In many cases, a certified translation of an affidavit that has been executed is required; however, in other cases, we must provide a translated affidavit in order for the client to sign. In both cases, our affidavit translations are valid. Additionally, we translate legal documents from English to Spanish when needed.

Brief Translation: One of our most common requests is amicus brief translations, appellate brief translation and other translation of brief from Spanish to English. In many cases we translate briefs that must be filed in a rush, and for a rate below the maximum allowed by the 6th Circuit Criminal Justice Act. Under the CJA, the court will pay up to $900 for translation of the brief without further approval; however, many brief are well over 10,000 words, and would usually cost well over $1000 to $1500. In most cases, we can provide a translation for less than $900, depending on the total word-count. Most amicus brief translations and appellate brief translation can be completed in 24 hours or less, unless they contain over 5000 words.

Other common requests to translate documents from Spanish to English we see often are: Amicus Brief Translations, Appellate Brief Translations, as well as Trial Brief Translations. Interrogatories, Appeals, Answers, Complaints, Deeds, Pleadings, Subpoenas, Wills: Joint Wills, Mutual Wills, Last Will and Testament, Contracts, Leases. Irrespective of the type of document we translate legal documents from Spanish to English quickly, effectively and accurately.

Written Translation Quotes Provided in One Hour or Less, Even on Weekends

Most translators provide estimates in advance and bill based on the total word-count. We prefer to provide the final cost in advance for certified document translation services. Our rates for certified legal translation services are based on the total number of words, not the total number of pages, and we always provide the exact total in advance. Rates to translate legal documents from English to Spanish are the same as rates from Spanish to English.


Call or email for additional information

877.374.0095 (office)877.376.2085 (cell), 877.470.1177 (fax)

12 Hour Certified Legal Document Translation Services, Spanish to English (2)

Main Office for Billing and Payments: Southeast Spanish, Inc., 11409 Municipal Center Drive, #23002, Knoxville, TN 37933

What is certified legal translation of documents?

Legal translation is when a document is translated for use in court proceedings, depositions, mediation or any forum requiring legal counsel or legal representation. Legal translation services is also known as court translation services as opposed to standard translation, such as that used in business or professional materials for which a certification is not required. For a translation to be accepted in court, it needs to be a certified translation. A sworn affidavit must accompany the translation and state that the original, source text or source document is equivalent to the target text or translated document. Court translation or legal translation should not be confused with court interpretation, that is, voice interpretation. Translation relates to documents whereas interpretation is voice.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation of a document that has been signed and stamped by a certified translator, attesting to the accuracy of the translation. Certified translations are often required for official or legal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and diplomas, that need to be used in a foreign country.

A certified translator is a professional translator who has been recognized by a professional association or government agency as being qualified to provide certified translations. The translator will review the document and translate it into the target language. After the translation is complete, the translator will sign and stamp the document, certifying that the translation is accurate and true to the original document.

Certified translations are considered official and legally valid, and are often required for immigration, visa, and naturalization applications, as well as for legal proceedings and business transactions.

Who will translate my court document?

We ONLY employ professional translators who have expertise in the translation of professional and legal materials. We do NOT outsource and we NEVER use computer generated translation. Most translators use computer programs to translate around 75% (or more) of the total text and then simply edit the document for errors. We retype everything in Word, InDesign or Publisher, and every sentence we translate has been completed by an actual professional translator, not a computer program.

Can I speak to the translator during the translation process?

Yes. Our certified translators available seven days per week, and we translate documents here in the United States. Just let us know if you have questions about certified Spanish translation services. When we translate legal documents from Spanish to English, we do so in our office, so you are always able to speak to a real translator when you call us.

If updates are needed after the translation is complete, will I have to translate the entire document again?

No. We will always make small updates free of charge, even years later. Larger updates are billed at the standard rate and can be added or updated to the previously translated document. Most updates are completed within 24 hours. When we translate documents from Spanish to English, and other languages, they are fully guaranteed.

What if I (or my client) disagree with the word choice or any part of the translation?

We always stand behind our work and will be glad to make any reasonable updates as needed. We understand that translation is complex and there are many ways to express concepts in a second language. Our goal with our service of legal translation Spanish to English is to create the most usable version of your document possible, so we will be glad to work with your team before, during and after the translation process.

Will the quoted price to translate legal documents from Spanish to English change after the translation has been completed?

Never. We always invoice the rate that has been quoted. Most translators quote based on the word-count of the finished product and only provide an estimate in advance. Our quote is based on the word-count of the source document, and the total cost for certified Spanish translation services is provided in advance is always what we will charge. There are no additional fees or taxes. Our quote always reflects the total cos that will be billed or invoiced.

For a certified legal translation of documents, do I have to make a down-payment or pay in advance?

In most cases, we do not require lawyers or attorneys to pay in advance, although some prefer to pay upfront with a credit card. As a rule, we will include an invoice along with the completed translation. You (or your team) will have the opportunity to review the final project before paying the invoice. Our terms are typically net-30. In some cases, smaller Spanish legal translation services, we will send an invoice for credit card payment; however, these payments can be made later as well.

How do I pay for a legal translation English to Spanish, that is, can I mail a check or do I pay with a credit card?

Both options are fine; we accept all cards and we can provide an invoice as well. We will provide our payment address on the invoice, which will be included with the completed translation. If paying with a credit card is preferred, you can simply call or email us, and we will send an electronic invoice. Payment can be made by phone as well.

How much does Spanish legal document translation services cost?

The cost of a court document translation depends on the total word count. All documents are different, but we see similar documents frequently. For example, a three-page ASUME (Administracion para el Sustento de Menores) document from Puerto Rico typically costs between $60 and $90, depending on the total amount of words. We will always provide rates in advance. The average rate is around $0.10 per word for certified legal translation services from Spanish to English.

Will the format of my court document be the same and which file types are acceptable for translation?

Yes. We will match the format to the original document. In most cases, the finished translation will look exactly like the original. As for file types, Word, PDF, JPGs and many others types are all acceptable. Even images or pictures of each page taken with cell phone cameras are acceptable for certified translations.

Will SES, Inc. sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

Yes, some translators will not sign non-disclosure agreements as they plan to outsource their work, especially if they offer translation to and from dozens of languages. Since we do not outsource, we are happy to provide one, or we will sign your non-disclosure agreement. Your materials are always kept confidentially. We do not share any information with anyone, ever. For more information, please see our privacy policy or call/email for additional details.

Will SES, Inc. provide a W9 for our accounting department?

Yes. If and when needed, we will be glad to provide a signed W9 for your records. Our Spanish legal translation services are completed in the United States, so there are never accounting issues.

Why is legal translation important?

When courts need documents to be entered into evidence official, legal translation is needed. Typically in the case of foreign divorce decrees, child custody cases, legal guardianship, child support or alimony hearings, and of course, immigration and asylum cases, translation is required considering that original documents are mostly written in languages other than English, and therefore, official, certified translations are required. Legal translation English to Spanish is complicated, and we can make it easy.

How do I know if a translator or translation agency is qualified and should the translation service have insurance?

In many cases individual translators and free lance translators are not insured, they do not have professional qualifications or credentials, and simply growing up speaking two languages is their qualification. Not here; at Southeast Spanish, we are long-term members of the American Translators Association, we belong to several other organizations and chambers of commerce, and we are insured by Lloyd’s of London here in the United States. All of our translators are trained professionals, many of whom have advanced degrees in translation, linguistics, foreign languages and related fields.

Who can translate legal documents for USCIS?

A translator is able to translate legal documents for USCIS as long as the translator is an accredited translator sponsored by a professional translation agency, has qualifying credentials, and is able to provide a written certification on corporate letterhead with contact information and qualifying credentials showing that they are certified to translate legal documents for USCIS. Additionally, the translator must attest the they are not related to the applicant or requesting party.

Who can translate documents for court?

In the United States, court documents must typically be translated by a certified translator or translation agency. A court-certified translator is a professional translator who has been authorized by a court to provide translations of official documents, such as legal documents, immigration papers, and other court-related documents. To become a court-certified translator, the translator must pass a language proficiency test and be registered with the court. These translators must also adhere to the code of ethics and guidelines set forth by the courts. In addition, court-certified translators must be able to provide a notarized translation and should be able to provide an affidavit of accuracy.

What is legal document translation?

Legal document translation is the process of converting written legal documents, such as contracts, legal briefs, court transcripts, patents, and other legal documents, from one language to another. Legal document translation requires a high level of precision, attention to detail, and knowledge of legal terminology and concepts. It’s important that legal document translators have a deep understanding of the legal systems of both the source and target languages, as well as the cultural and linguistic nuances that can affect the meaning of a text.

Legal document translation is often performed by certified legal translators or translation agencies that have a specialized team of legal translators with experience in different areas of law and are able to provide accurate and reliable translations. Legal document translations are usually required for official use, such as for court proceedings, immigration, business transactions, and other legal matters. These translations are often required to be notarized and have an affidavit of accuracy.

Please send your documents for an official quote for certified legal translation services. Most quotes provided in twenty minutes.


Call or email for additional information

877.374.0095 (office), 877.376.2085 (cell), 877.470.1177 (fax)

Current Translation Rates for Legal Document Translation Services

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